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We Need Your Voice

We need to hold our elected leaders to account; not just for ensuring the housing crisis is addressed, but for taking an innovative and collaborative approach to it. Housing professionals can’t be left out of the conversation yet again.


Take action on any of the below items and make your voice heard right now.

SB 611 would further regulate the rental housing community by establishing a 3% cap on rent increases (plus whatever the Cost of Living Index is – but no more than 8% total).

Oregon already has rent control. We need you to help us fight back against this terrible policy proposal.

After the regulatory whiplash of COVID and increasing number of local municipality regulations, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that state lawmakers let the rental housing community catch its breath.


Passing SB 799 will mean that housing providers are forced yet again to wait for payment – for at least two months – without any guarantee that they will receive what they are owed.


Housing providers have been through this before. Send a message to the Senate Housing and Development Committee and let them know we need to focus on better solutions.

Our state is currently underbuilt by more than 110,000 housing units. A recent state report shows we need to build more than 550,000 units in the next 20 years to accommodate growth.

Otherwise, our housing crisis will continue. Lawmakers must focus on ways to dramatically increase our supply of new homes and make it easier to manage existing units.

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11.31.12 AM.png

There are many ways we can address the housing crisis in Oregon. And while cities across the state are rapidly passing additional punitive rental housing laws that conflict with state laws, the state itself is likely going to consider many new rental laws that could disrupt the market significantly and exacerbate instability.

Tell your lawmakers: Housing stability is achieved through regulatory predictability.

We need to tell lawmakers that renters and housing providers agree: Funding a permanent rental assistance program this session must be a top priority.

Image by Marcus Lenk

As Oregon prepares to begin a new legislative session, we are seriously concerned that the conversation around our housing crisis will once again be lopsided. Ensure your voice is heard.

Oct. 20, 2022

The Eugene City Council is poised to pass their second of three phases of strict housing regulations, just months after they passed the first phase.

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