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2024 Legislative Priorities

Public policy should include the public. We need all stakeholders brought to the table to craft these critical solutions to housing instability.


Maintaining Affordability for Housing Providers

Multifamily NW stands firm in reducing the cost burden on housing providers. We advocate for policies that promote the affordability and sustainability of all rental housing, and at a time when our state is facing a housing emergency, state leaders must not increase the cost of providing desperately needed housing. 


Supporting Additional Resources for Renters

Increased rental assistance is pivotal in safeguarding Oregonians' housing stability, especially amidst economic uncertainties and rising housing costs. Ensuring families can afford safe and secure homes is a top priority for our organization. Investing in expanded rent assistance not only mitigates the risk of homelessness but also bolsters community resilience by fostering economic stability and well-being for individuals and families across Oregon.


Promoting + Preserving All Housing Development

We advocate for policies that foster the development of diverse housing options, including affordable housing. Additionally, as the Legislature endeavors to address our supply issues, we must advocate for the preservation of existing rental units — and fight back against any proposal that may lead housing providers to sell their properties.


Long-Term Financing for Housing Development

Our goal is to advocate for the establishment of long-term financing models for housing development based on successful models like the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. This initiative seeks to create sustainable, reliable financing mechanisms that support the continuous development of housing units across the region.


Preventing Patchwork Regulations

We remain vigilant in our efforts to aggressively thwart jurisdictional creep that could add undue burdens on housing providers. Whether through the introduction of new fees for inspection programs or the potential expansion of local initiatives, we are committed to protecting the interests of housing providers and ensuring that regulations remain fair and reasonable at a statewide level.

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