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Addressing Housing Instability Together


Renters and housing providers rely on each other. The tired “us vs them” narrative does more harm than good in our state. Oregon has passed numerous laws with only half the stakeholders at the table. Policies passed under the guise of “renter protections,” are unbalanced and further fuel housing instability.


Oregon’s single family rental housing stock has steadily – and significantly – decreased. After rent control passed statewide and strict regulations adopted in some municipalities, multifamily housing permits dropped off dramatically.


It has not been easy to be a housing provider – or a renter – in the past few years.

Oregon’s Approach to Rental Housing Isn’t Working

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Statewide rent control has not stabilized Oregon’s rental housing industry or led to fewer evictions.

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Many housing providers were never made whole after the state enforced pandemic-related restrictions.

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Oregon’s housing supply is severely underbuilt cannot accommodate our expected growth in the coming years.

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Housing providers are selling their units at an alarming rate because the cost of operating housing is skyrocketing.

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“Moving forward we urge lawmakers to stop treating housing providers as bad actors and instead collaborate with them on concrete solutions that will actually address our serious housing crisis.”

– Deborah Imse, former Multifamily NW Executive Director

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